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CIO Executive Council's 2016 Innovation Report

The CIO Executive Council (CEC) 2016 IT Innovation Report is intended to guide IT leaders by providing an at-a-glance summary of their peers’ attitudes towards innovation; concrete action steps they have taken (and avoided) in the pursuit of success; and impediments holding them back. Innovation cannot exist in a vacuum, and this landscape data represents a cross-industry view on the state of IT innovation efforts. By carefully analyzing the opportunities and pitfalls, IT leaders can begin to craft their own innovation strategies in hypercompetitive global markets.

In this research you will learn: 

  • How IT leaders define innovation
  • The effectiveness of innovation behaviors
  • Attitudinal statements on IT innovation
  • Barriers to IT innovation
  • Essential guidance on how to become a more dynamic and innovative IT professional
  • How other IT leaders are finding success through a series of case studies