Your Journey Begins Here

The IT profession - and career - is a journey. Since it's inception more than 30 years ago, when information technology first powered business processes, it has grown from a profession that manages technology to one that drives business strategy. It has moved up the value chain from service provider to trusted advisor to business partner - and now corporate peers. CIOs and IT executives may find themselves anywhere on this spectrum, with the opportunity to master new competencies that propel their expertise - and their organizations - forward, from functional to transformational to strategic to innovative. The result; a model for driving change, value and innovation, and ensured relevance of the profession in any business climate.

This poster will help you:

  • Identify which Competencies and Values are attached to each content offering before you engage with that piece of content.
  • Envision an expanded CIO role that is a true Corporate Officer – one focused on the organization’s overall digital vision, its shareholder value, and potential expansions into new markets.

CIO Journey to Corporate Officer Infographic

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